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Premiership five gods

Le 1 April 2017, 01:33 dans Humeurs 0

Premiership five gods, the home Long Kane, away Long Sanchez; the king of the restricted area Lukaku Jimmy Vesey Jersey, long-range King Kane and Ibrahimovic; the most balanced shooter and header are Lukaku; free kick expert Lukaku and Sanchez , The king of the penalty Kane; absolute thigh Lukaku, the efficiency of Wang Kaien, the most valuable striker is Costa; lore Lu Lu library Mackenzie Skapski Jersey, grab the opening of Wang Sanchez. In summary, Lukaku can still keep a good state, little World of Warcraft is the most popular football boots this season Tie Domi Jersey, consider the team configuration and prospects, Kane and Costa still come from behind hope. It's hard to be loyal in the heart and in the football world, but I think you should be loyal before becoming a player or as a coach. I love the Spaniards, and now I love Tottenham, so I can not run one day to coach Arsenal. " "It was a coincidence that I had a chance to meet him before Bartomev became president of Barcelona, ??and a lot of people around us saw us and greeted us. Minute, it is true, so I also know that rumors will certainly not stop Matt Hunwick Jersey.

After the national team match day

Le 1 April 2017, 01:31 dans Humeurs 0

After the national team match day, the Premiership will be re-opened Kevin Klein Jersey, the championship ranked No. 2 to No. 7 of the team only a difference of 9 points, which means that next season's Champions League quota competition will be fierce Dan Girardi Jersey. Can Arsenal qualify for Champions League for 20 consecutive seasons? Everton can be among the top four since the 2004-05 season? Analysis of the seven strong schedule will help us to draw the correct conclusion Mats Zuccarello Jersey. Although the Premier League has played 29 rounds, but in the top seven teams, only Liverpool Emerson Etem Jersey, Everton played 29 rounds, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City played 28 games, Manchester United, Arsenal just kicked 27 field. After 39 rounds, Chelsea to 69 points topped the list, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United were 59 points, 57 points, 56 points, 52 points ranked 2 to 5, Arsenal, Everton with 50 points 6th, 7th place. Water Moore in December last year, knee cruciate ligament tear, so far hanging warfare, this season has been reimbursed in advance. It is precisely because of this, he got the chance of vacation. "Sun" news that Watmore recently and his girlfriend to travel to Barbados, but the speedboat ride and another ship collided. In the case of their own water, Watmore regardless of personal safety, and strive to rescue the other three fell into the water of the elderly. He struggled to climb the boat, the three successful rescue, and took off his clothes for the elderly dressing leg wound hemostasis, until the arrival of the Coast Guard.

Chelsea to 10 points with the great

Le 1 April 2017, 01:31 dans Humeurs 0

Chelsea to 10 points with the great advantage of leading the standings, Conti's teaching is clearly beyond the expectations of many people. In the remaining 10 games Ron Duguay Jersey, the Blues will face the top seven Manchester City (home), Manchester United (away) and Everton (away), who will also be at home in the relegated zone of Middlesbrough and Sunderland. As long as 10 games to win 10 games, Chelsea will win nearly three seasons since the first two Premier League champions James Sheppard Jersey. Real Madrid has been on the Spanish national team top door god Degeya eyeing, in order to avoid the night long dream, Manchester United has been planning this summer with the door god about 1 year, the more critical is to let him join the ranks of the club top payers, cut off the hope of Real Madrid. Degea by Ferguson coached to 18 million pounds worth to sign Mike Richter Jersey, and gradually grow into the Premiership and even one of the world's top door gods, but in the summer of 2015, Deheya almost succeeded by Real Madrid Jesper Fast Jersey, just because in the transfer window The failure to submit the transfer document before the closure, which led to the Spanish door gods continue to stay in the old Teflade, and with Manchester United contract to 2019.

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