Although the top scorer Harry - Kane was absent because of injury, but after the national team match day, Tottenham should keep the top four positions, because they are the next five games opponents are ranked second in the standings. In addition to the face of Burnley (away), Swansea (away), Waterford (home), Bournemouth (home) and Crystal Palace (away), Tottenham will be away against Leicester City The Tottenham this season in the face of the top seven teams when the performance is not good enough Daniel Paille Jersey, but the future only need to against Arsenal, Manchester United, and are home to combat. And after that, Real Madrid has not given up the pursuit of Deheya's plan Phil Esposito Jersey. To this end, in the summer of this year, Manchester United plans to renew the name of the Spanish door god about 1 year, that is, by 2020, and for his small salary increase. At present, Deheya in Manchester United's weekly salary of about 20 million pounds, Manchester United did not know how much he paid Jayson Megna Jersey, "Sun" speculation will rise by one third, so that Deheya's salary will Will rise to 26 million pounds or so Derick Brassard Jersey, among the ranks of Manchester United top salary players. Mun Hing today just lost the teenager Da Hodder, 21-year-old Dahault will be 10 million euros in the summer officially joined Dortmund. "He must return to the Chelsea Club, we are looking for two players in the summer to replace Dahd and Christensen," said Ebel, director of sports at the Boxing Club, in an interview at the same time confirming that Christensen will return to Chelsea this summer. The location, we do not want them to leave the team, but no way.